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Introduction of Xijin Ferry Site

National 4A-class tourist attractions - Xijin Ferry Site historical and cultural blocks located in the northwesten part of Zhenjiang city. It is located in the interchange of Yangtze River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, it is next to the Yangtze River in the north, and Yuntain Mountain in the South. It starts from Yushan large wharf in the west. You can go along the small pier Street from the western part to the east. It was extended to Boxian Road, Gyeonggi Road and northern part of Zhongshan Road. It was recorded in the history that Xijin Ferry formed in the Three Kingdoms era and it has a perfect ferry function in the Tang Dynasty. It has been China's north and south water transport, water transport hub. Many political, military, economic, cultural, religious and other major historical events took place here and also witnessed the history of Zhenjiang city development. It is a tourist site where Zhenjiang cultural relics and cultural heritage is preserved, concentrated and intact to the largest extent. It is the key culture of Zhenjiang and also regarded as “ China’s ancient ferry museum."
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